About Us

Founded in 1975, The Interreligious Council of New Rochelle (IRC) comprises congregations of faith and historically religious educational organizations from within the diversity that is our city.

Our Mission: We are committed to promoting interfaith understanding among all religions. We are here to keep the lines of communication open. We are here to foster an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. We are here to serve the New Rochelle community through a combination of action and dialogue.

Our Work: We express the essential commonalities of our varied religious heritages and traditions while respecting our differences. We promote interfaith amity and cooperation. We address the human needs of our city community. We serve the community by undertaking ministries to meet these needs and by cooperating with other groups and individuals.

Our Gatherings: IRC convenes the community for speakers and discussion on timely topics. We are proud of our unique annual ecumenical Thanksgiving Day service which brings together participants from all segments of our community. IRC arranges a popular Interfaith Awards Dinner. IRC arranges ecumenical services at times of special needs.

Our Legacy: IRC has advocated for programs for the homeless, for food kitchens and other community projects. IRC founded Meals on Wheels of New Rochelle providing its initial funding and Charter Members of the Board. IRC was a catalyst for the creation of senior housing via Interfaith Dwellings, Inc. starting with Maple Center. IRC has demonstrated a readiness to partner with community agencies such as the Pastoral Care Program at the Sound Shore Medical Center, the Village, and the Council of Community Services. IRC has demonstrated lines of communication between the city government and the religious community. We have facilitated meetings between the Mayor of New Rochelle and city clergy to address the needs and concerns of a significant constituency. IRC has rallied our local religious community to respond to disastrous events affecting our nation.

To receive further information please e-mail IRC President Carl Procario-Foley or contact us via regular mail at:

The Interreligious Council of New Rochelle
Box 256
New Rochelle, NY 10804


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